Category: People & Blogs, Duration: 5:27, 304447 Views. Source: YouTube, Published by Alexander Herrera on 2013-06-03T20:08:32.000Z youtu be bz0vTfTvp4Q alexanderherrera partner The mass spread of porn throughout cyberspace is no coincidence We human's are generally a pleasure seeking species Too control those ingrained sexual impulses can be difficult for some First Craigslist had the lead with the sex category Then their were a few deaths and Craigslist gets the BLAME Dam politicians!!! they sure know how to fuck everything up So a few people get burned or worse they die because of some deceptive post Shit happens and Craigslist gets pressured to remove their money making category "HOOKING" one of thee oldest professions known to man Now back page takes center stage and is reaping the rewards of prostitution through the advertisements within their sex category Back-page earns a record $22 7 million a year from adult personals With pressure looming from activists and the attorney general Will back-page fold and close up shop?? I feel that back-page may fight on Look at Facebook There are predators on their doing some illegal shit Yet, you don't hear much from them Facebook has some good attorneys covering shit up every week I say let free speech RULE!!! online and off The powers that be The U S Govt ie Politicians can all go suck a big fat DICK alexanderherrera